Start-ups – Entrepreneurs

We know your type, we are your type and we love working with highly energised individuals looking to make things happen. 

If you are a start-up, new business, an entrepreneur or looking at investing in a business, it is imperative that your lawyer understands this fast paced environment where things need to happen quickly and effectively.

We understand that start-ups are not cash rich; that there are pressures from all around, and the last thing you need is lawyer that is stuck in the past. If you are looking at starting out, you need know there is often no turning back the clock – whether it’s in relation to a transaction, investment or arrangements you thought you had made with your fellow founder.

Unwinding things is difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible. Therefore documentation and structuring is critical from day one. Technology has left many of our peers behind, and it is imperative that your advisor knows that technology is changing daily, and that you need to make decisions quickly. We will be in your corner because have experience in technology and start-ups. We know the issues, and we understand you and your business. Contact us, we are here to help. We can assist with:

• Privacy policy;

• Terms of User;

• Intellectual Property;

• Founder Agreements;

• Seed Investment;

• Subscription Agreements;

• Due Diligence;

• Convertible Loans;

• Seed Funding;


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