Acquisition of land under Public Works Act 1981

Have you received a notice from the Crown requiring your land for a public work under the Public Works Act 1981? Contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure that your rights are upheld and you are well informed. Our legal fees for assisting you will be recoverable under the Act.

The Crown is authorised by the Act to acquire private land for a variety of purposes, usually involving the development of infrastructure and public facilities such as schools. However, the Public Works Act is also designed to protect your rights, providing that the Crown must acquire the land through a particular process and that as the property owner you will be compensated for any loss.

Once a notice has been served requiring your land, negotiations can begin in order to reach a fair sum for compensation. Depending on your circumstances and the land involved, this can be a complex process. Our skilled team can assist you in making sure that all of the appropriate considerations are taken into account, and you are not left in a worse position as a result of the acquisition.

At Fortune Manning we have extensive experience in representing clients at all stages of this process. Contact us today so that we can assist you in achieving a satisfactory outcome.