Intellectual Property Ownership – Trademark

Trademark is an intellectual property ownership of a mark which has consistently been a thought of an individual while the business is in its beginning stage. Since the Trademark alludes to a brand name or a brand sign which recognizes one’s merchandise or administrations from that of his rivals. Hence registration of the same is an idea of most of the businesses at the very outset. The rights of the registered trademark holder as well as the entire procedure of registration is governed by the Trademarks Act, 2002.

Duration of a registered trademark and why people are inclined  towards registration

The span of registration of a Trademark is viable for a time of ten years from the date of its initial registration, however it can be extended for a further term of ten years upon each time it lapses. In any case, there have been cases where the Trademarks have not been utilized for a time of continuous three years, where the Trademark Registry has revoked the registration from its register.

If we talk about why people are inclined towards registration of Trademarks, the fact that the products or administrations which one business offers would likewise be offered by different contenders. Business accompanies your notoriety within the community and that would be essential to you and you would need to have a brand name which could recognize your merchandise and enterprises with those of your rivals. Brand names typically enrolled do incorporate words, shapes, signs and so on and that permits your items to have a different personality that you give these items.

What are the advantages of trademark registration?

There are two main advantages of registration of Trademark:

  • (i) As mentioned above, Registration of Trademark accompanies a privilege to selective utilization of that sign. This implies you are giving your item or administrations a brand name or a brand logo which nobody else would be permitted to utilize regardless of whether they are offering comparative products or administrations. It is a widely known fact that the business are inclined towards registration because of such exclusivity right which one gets upon registration of Trademark.
  • (ii) Another advantage is that you get the mark registered across the nation and nobody would have the option to utilize your image or brand name in another area where you do not have that reputation as compared to your reputation in another area. Also, in such a scenario, you have the legal option to stop that individual who copies your mark, from utilizing your registered trademark.

Why appoint us?

It is categorically clear that the registration of Trademark is not an easy task. One has to go through the entire cycle of procedure when actually getting a trademark registered. It is agreed that the process is very clearly stated in the Trademark Act 2002, however, it is recommended to appoint an attorney who has been in such practice for a while. At Fortune Manning, we have a specific department dealing with intellectual property matters and are in such practice since years who will also advise which intellectual property registration is suitable in your scenario whether it is Trademark, Patent or a Copyright.