Our affiliation with Interlaw allows us to provide legal advice to international clients and facilitate international legal advice to our New Zealand based clients.  Interlaw is an international association of 87 independent law firms employing over 7500 lawyers across 150 commercial centres.

Founded in London in 1981, Interlaw has grown to become a truly global legal association. Clients have access to quality legal advice and the highest standards of professional practice in the key centres where they do business.

Global knowledge adds local value.

Recognising the fact that international business activity is governed by a complex web of laws and regulations, Interlaw have established practice groups covering principal areas of law including banking, business law, insolvency, intellectual property, real estate and litigation.

These groups bring together lawyers from member firms who have common areas of practice providing a valuable forum for the exchange of information on legal developments within different member jurisdictions. Fortune Manning has a strong focus on international work providing representation for, and developing contacts with business people moving to, and investing in New Zealand. In recent times our international team has been involved in:

  • Acting for an international financier of a well known film shot and produced in New Zealand;
  • Acting for an off-shore bank in relation to its investments and joint ventures in New Zealand;
  • Acting for multi-nationals in relation to their New Zealand activities and oligopoly practices;
  • Acting in intellectual property matters;
  • Acting in bringing to New Zealand financiers in the hotel industry to assist local developers;


The most important asset that Interlaw brings to the firm is the ability to consult immediately with known lawyers in the main commercial centres throughout the world.