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Law Commission Review Of The Law Of Trusts

The Law Commission is currently undertaking a full-scale review of the law of Trusts.  The review is a major undertaking and will take time.  It is being undertaken in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1.  The Trustees Act 1956, the Perpetuities Act 1964 and Trust law generally
  • Stage 2.  The Charitable Trusts Act 1957
  • Stage 3.  Trustee companies legislation

The Commission will release a series of issues papers during each stage.  Stage 1 Issue Papers released so far are:

  1. Review of Trust Law in New Zealand: Introductory Issues Paper (NZLC IP19, 2010)
  2. Some Issues with the Law of Trusts in New Zealand (NZLC IP20, 2010)
  3. Perpetuities and the Revocation and Variation of Trusts (NZLC IP22, 2011)
  4. The Duties, Office and Powers of a Trustee (NZLC IP26, 2011)

For further information, please visit the Law Commission’s website

Please take note that our articles relating to Trusts are relevant to the law as it currently stands.